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Trailer World of Tulsa is a Family Owned and Operated premier trailer dealer in Tulsa, Oklahoma. With a diverse selection of trailer types, we can provide you with the BEST trailer for the BEST Price!

**Due to the extremely high demand for trailers, build times right now are stretched out as far as 4-6 months. Manufacturers have also suspended builds on specialty models, and certain add-on options for trailers have been limited. Our manufacturers are getting us trailers as fast as they can. We have hundreds of trailers for stock on order, and we are re-ordering more several times weekly. Pricing is also increasing monthly on all trailers due to the dramatic increase in the cost of steel and other materials. Any price you are given can change within days. The only way to nail down your quoted price is to purchase a trailer in stock at the time of your visit. We apologize for any inconvenience and greatly appreciate our customers understanding.**

**Big Tex Trailer Models Temporarily Unavailable - 30ES, 35ES, 35RSX, 35LS, 70LR, 10LR, 10DM, 10LX, 14DF, 14OD, 14LX, 3XGN, 3XPH, 4XPH**

**W-W Trailers Mfg. (Horse, Stock, Steel Cargos) are out 1 Calendar Year for Build Times as of 4/1/2021**

*Available After Hours and Weekends by Appointment*

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Big Tex 16 Series

Introducing the new 16 series from Big Tex. Designed to be truck friendly, the 16 series feature three different models: an equipment trailer, a tandem axle dump and a tilt trailer.

Dump Trailers

Rugged. Tough. Dependable. Capable. This is the best way to describe the dump trailers at Trailer World of Tulsa. We sell only the best brands. Packed with features, our dump trailers come in many models.